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Oncology Travel Nursing Jobs

Oncology travel nurses are in high demand as they are specially trained and work in a very specific field of focus. Oncology nurses assist in the care of patients who are fighting cancer or who are likely to develop cancer, and must be well educated and experienced in the unique drugs and treatments that are used to fight these illnesses. Oncology nurses often work with many patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or other intense cancer fighting treatments.

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Oncology travel nursing jobs

Oncology Nurse Certification

In order to become a certified oncology nurse, an interested candidate must first be a licensed registered nurse (RN). Once a nursing license has been obtained, RNs are required to have some hands-on experience, usually between 12-24 months. If the RN then chooses to continue with oncology certification, they must take a series of training courses provided by the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC) and pass an evaluation. Certification through the ONCC is valid for four years. Once four years passes, certified nurses must take a written evaluation or participate in a number of continuing education hours to keep their certification current. If the nurse is interested in participating in an advanced oncology certification, they must be both an RN and hold a master’s degree in nursing. Additionally, interested candidates are required to have at least 500 hours of clinical oncology nursing experience.

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Oncology Travel Nursing Jobs

Because oncology nurses have some much training and do a very specific task, there are less of them and they are in high demand. Many hospitals and health clinics are willing to help oncology nurses relocate and offer shorter term (8-26 weeks) assignments to attract nurses to their facilities. RNs with oncology certification can find work as an oncology traveling nurse and moving around to work in clinics that are in need of these highly trained nurses. If you are a licensed RN and are interested in working as a travel nurse, fill out the form to learn about job opportunities available in the city you would like to live in. There are jobs available not just for oncology nurses, but for many other specialties as well. If you are interested in moving and traveling to work in a new city for short-term assignments, apply today and learn what opportunities are available for you.