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Labor and Delivery Travel Nursing Jobs

Labor and Delivery nurses work with pregnant women to assist and guide them through the delivery process and help them have a safe and healthy birth experience. Labor and delivery nurses are typically licensed registered nurses (RN) who work at a hospital as staff nurses. Labor and delivery nurses do not require special licensing or certifications, but usually work with a mentor who will teach them how to be efficient and productive in their assignments.

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Labor and Delivery Travel Nursing Jobs

Labor and Delivery Nursing Licensing and Training

Because becoming a labor and delivery nurse does not require additional training or national licensure to be able to work, any on-staff nurse at a hospital is able to work in labor and delivery. This does not mean that the position does not require specific skills or education. Labor and delivery nurses are responsible to ensure that the patient is comfortable, healthy, and safe as they give birth. Labor and delivery nurses are responsible for monitoring the vital signs of the patient while the doctor and midwife make sure that the delivery is executed properly and safely.

Labor and delivery nurses have the option of receiving training and becoming a certified nurse midwife (CNM) which allows them to assist the doctor with the actual delivery and oversee the care of the newborn baby for the first month of its life.

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Labor and Delivery Travel Nurse Jobs

If you are studying to become a nurse or are already a licensed RN, there are ample opportunities available for you to work as a labor and delivery travel nurse. Because of the growing demand for nurses, RNs have many choices when it comes to decided where to live and work. If you have ever been interested in living in a certain city but don’t want to worry about finding a job and hoping you like the location, working as a labor and delivery travel nurse is the perfect solution.

Nursing assignments start in short, 8 week assignments, and last up to 26 weeks. There are usually opportunities to extend assignments if you love the city and your work, or you have the option to leave once your assignment is completed and try something completely new. No more wondering if you made the right decision or if you should try something new. If you are interested in becoming a labor and delivery travel nurse, fill out the form to learn about job openings in the area of your choice as well as select the position and assignment that interests you most.